Vocabulary / Team Jargon

Issue Levels

  • Level 5: Mission critical. Tends to impact all users. (i.e. production stuck in an infinite heroku deployment)

  • Level 4: Not mission critical but needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible. Tends to impact a subset of users. (i.e. form submission broken on mentorship settings)

  • Level 3: Issue that can wait until the next sprint planning, but definitely needs to be discussed. Often an edge case that sparks discussion -- is this a patch or do we need to re-architect something? (i.e. running out of memory where a few pages get 500 errors)

  • Level 2: Issue is not affecting users. Likely an internal tool that needs to be fixed. (i.e. slack notifications not pinging)

  • Level 1: Tech that stopped working but also isn't related to users/the site. (i.e. the gumball machine we use to generate random winners is broken)