User Interface

Our internal dashboard is primarily ERB views that render on the server. Largely, we try to adhere to ActionView's conventions in these views.

For layout, basic styles, and some interactions, we use Bootstrap 4. DEV isn't dedicated to using Bootstrap for everything, but because our design team hasn't spent much time on these views, we find it's easier to stick with something many developers already know.

When a view requires some custom interactivity, we've historically leaned on vanilla JavaScript or jQuery, but going forward we've elected to use StimulusJS for DOM manipulation and interactivity inside of internal.


Inside of the internal views, we're actively moving from the old ERB syntax for forms. We tend to prefer the form_with helper over the previous form_for and form_tag helpers.


Stimulus is a modest frontend framework; its primary purpose is manipulating HTML. It does not provide templating features.

In the DEV application, Webpacker is used to load Stimulus controllers. Ideally, controllers serve as an abstraction for shared functionality between views.

New controllers can be added in /app/javascript/internal/controllers. Unit tests should exist for each controller in the adjacent /app/javascript/internal/__tests__/contollers directory.