Suggested workflow

We use Spring, and it is already included in the project.

  1. Use the provided bin stubs to automatically start Spring, i.e. bin/rails server, bin/rspec spec/models/, bin/rails db:migrate.
  2. If Spring isn't picking up on new changes, use spring stop. For example, Spring should always be restarted if there's a change in the environment keys.
  3. Check Spring's status whenever with spring status.

Caveat: bin/rspec is not equipped with Spring because it affects Simplecov's result. Instead, use bin/spring rspec.

Synchronizing a fork with upstream / integrate latest changes

When changes in the upstream repository happen, the fork does not get those automatically and this is by design. To integrate the changes to the upstream repo that were committed since you cloned your fork or synced the last time, use the following script: ./scripts/ This will fetch the changes and merge them into your current workspace.

Use this:

  • to get commits from upsteam master into your branch
  • to sync with latest changes from upsteam master before continuing with a new feature on your current branch

Start over / discard all your changes

Sometimes it is neccesarry to start over from the beginning or reset the current workspace to the state of the upstream branch. Use the helper ./scripts/ to set your fork to the exact same state as the upstream master branch.

Use this:

  • before working on a new feature
  • before creating a new branch to make sure to have all the latest changes in your fork also.