Starting the application

We're a Rails app, and we use Webpacker to manage some of our JavaScript.

Start the application, Webpack, and our job runner Sidekiq by running:


(This just runs foreman start -f, for notes on how to install Foreman, please see Other Tools)

Then point your browser to http://localhost:3000/ to view the site.

If you run into issues while trying to run bin/setup and the error message isn't helpful, try running bin/rails s -p 3000. For example, you may need to yarn install before starting the app.

If you're working on Forem regularly, you can use alias start="bin/startup" to make this even easier. 😊

If you're using pry for debugging in Rails, note that using foreman and pry together works, but it's not as clean as bin/rails server.

Here are some singleton commands you may need, usually in a separate instance/tab of your shell.

  • Running the job Sidekiq server (if using bin/rails server) -- this is mostly for notifications and emails: bundle exec sidekiq

Current gotchas: potential environment issues with external services need to be worked out.