Preparing a pull request

  • Try to keep the pull requests small. A pull request should try its very best to address only a single concern.
  • Make sure all tests pass and add additional tests for the code you submit. Check out the testing guide.
  • Document your reasoning behind the changes. Explain why you wrote the code in the way you did. The code should be clear enough to explain what it does.
  • If you are making changes to the API, make sure to update the version in the docs. Check out the guide here.
  • If there's an existing issue related to the pull request, reference to it by adding something like References/Closes/Fixes/Resolves #305, where 305 is the issue number. See GitHub's own guide on closing issues via PR.
  • If you follow the pull request template, you can't go wrong.

Please note: all commits in a pull request will be squashed when merged, but when your PR is approved and passes our CI, it will be live on production!

If the pull request affects the public API in any way, a post on DEV from the DEV Team account should accompany it. This is the duty of the core team to carry out.