Configuring environment variables and secret keys

Take a look at Envfile. This file lists all the ENV variables we use and provides a fake default for any missing keys.

The backend guide will show you how to get free API keys for additional services that may be required to run certain parts of the app.

To set up keys for your local instance of Forem, you'll need to create an application.yml file. You can do this by copying the file called sample_application.yml in the config directory:

cp config/sample_application.yml config/application.yml

Then, add each key you need to the application.yml file. For example, if you're setting up GitHub authentication:


(Don't worry, your application.yml file is ignored by git)

If you are missing ENV variables on bootup, the envied gem will alert you with messages similar to 'error_on_missing_variables!': The following environment variables should be set: A_MISSING_KEY..

Only certain features require "real" keys, so you may be able to add them as you work on different areas of the application.