Contributing to Docs

The documentation you are reading is powered by GitDocs.

Where The Docs Are Located

This documentation is located in the codebase within the /docs directory.

The docs are a collection of Markdown files that also utilize FrontMatter.

For more information on how to use GitDocs read the GitDocs guide

Running the Docs Locally

Install the GitDocs NodeJs library

npm install gitdocs -g

Specifying -g will install the library globally which is what you want to do.

If you use yarn you can instead issue:

yarn global add gitdocs

Once installed, to run gitdocs you need to navigate to the root directory of the codebase and run

gitdocs serve

This will start a server where you can browse the documentation: http://localhost:8000/

When you add new markdown pages or rename existing ones, you'll have to restart the server before you notice any changes.