Contributing to Docs

The documentation you are reading is powered by GitDocs.

Where The Docs Are Located

This documentation is located in the codebase within the /docs directory.

The docs are a collection of Markdown files that also utilize FrontMatter.

For more information on how to use GitDocs read the GitDocs guide

Running the Docs Locally

Install the GitDocs NodeJS library:

npm install gitdocs -g

Specifying -g will install the library globally, which is what you want to do.

If you use yarn you can instead issue:

yarn global add gitdocs

Once installed, you can run gitdocs serve from the root of the project or from the /docs directory.

gitdocs serve

This will start a server where you can browse the documentation: http://localhost:8000/

When you add new markdown pages or rename existing ones, you'll have to restart the server before you notice any changes.