GitHub App and Authentication

DEV allows you to authenticate using GitHub. To use this authentication method in local development, you will need to set up a GitHub App and retrieve its keys. Then you'll need to provide these keys to the Rails application.

  1. Click this link to create a new OAuth application in your Github account

    • you will be redirected to sign in to Github account if you have not already.

  2. Fill in the form with an application name, description, and the URL http://localhost:3000/. Replace the port 3000 if you run DEV on another port.


  3. You will be redirected to the app's Developer settings. Here you will find the keys. Change them accordingly (name of GitHub key -> name of our ENV variable):

    Client ID -> GITHUB_KEY
    Client Secret -> GITHUB_SECRET


  4. You will need a personal token as well. From the same dashboard, navigate to Personal access tokens and generate a new token.


  5. Fill in the token description and generate the token. You don't need to select any of the scopes.

  6. Be sure that you copy the token right away because it is the only time you will see it. Change it accordingly.

    Personal access tokens -> GITHUB_TOKEN


  7. Done.